Abuse in French skating world exposed


The testimony of skating champion Sarah Abitbol about the sexual abuse of her coach already caused quite a stir in February. But the extent of the abuse in the French skating world is a lot bigger than expected. This is evident from an investigation report that was handed over to the French court.

The bomb burst in February of this year, after 10-time skating champion Sarah Abitbol revealed in a book how she was abused several times by her trainer as a 15-year-old French skating talent. The Ministry of Sport launched an investigation, showing that the abuse in the skating world was widespread.

The report, which was handed over to the French court, states that no fewer than twenty coaches have been guilty of abuse. Twelve of the coaches are accused of sexual abuse, the other of physical and verbal abuse. Some of those coaches have already been convicted of other offenses, others have already barred the case. The inspectors who drafted the report write that there has been a culture of silence and looking away in the skating world for years.


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