Abu Mazen: The Emirates’ Agreement with Israel – Betrayal of the Palestinians


The Palestinian Authority expressed resentment over the peace agreement signed between Jerusalem and Abu Dhabi, claiming it was a “shattering of the Arab peace initiative.” The Authority has announced that it will return the ambassador from the UAE and warned other countries against following in the footsteps of the UAE

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Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said today (Thursday) that the peace agreement signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates is a betrayal of Jerusalem and the Palestinian issue. .

In a statement from the PA, the Palestinian leadership demanded that Abu Dhabi immediately withdraw its statement, “No other party can speak on behalf of the Palestinians and decide on their rights.” The Palestinian Authority has announced that it will return the ambassador from the United Arab Emirates.

“Shattering the Arab Peace Initiative.” Abu Mazen (Photo: Reuters)

In Jordan, they said they saw the move as an opportunity to advance the desires of the Palestinians, but clarified that its impact would be in line with Israeli actions. “If Israel sees the agreement as a step towards a return to the 1967 borders, the region will move in the direction of a just peace,” said Foreign Minister Ayman Safdi, who objected. “If it does not do so, it will deepen the conflict – which will pose a threat to the entire region. Israel must immediately move forward with direct and serious negotiations for a two-state solution. Jordan supports any effort to end the occupation.”

Egypt and Bahrain also stressed the importance of the Palestinian issue when they welcomed the agreement. Bahrain’s official statement said, “The agreement between Israel and the Emirates strengthens the chances for peace. We look forward to further efforts to reach a comprehensive and just solution for the Palestinians.”

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According to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the agreement could lead to peace. “I have followed with interest and appreciation the joint declaration of the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Israel to halt the Israeli annexation of Palestinian lands and to take steps that will bring peace to the Middle East,” he tweeted. “I appreciate the efforts of those responsible for the agreement to achieve prosperity and stability in our region.”


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