“Abrushmi clearly incited the murder, stop him immediately!”


A storm following the words of Yona Abrushmi, the killer of the late left-wing activist Emil Grinzweig, who told our correspondent that there are young people who “know what to do” regarding the demonstrators in front of the Prime Minister’s residence in Balfour • MK Ya’alon: “Netanyahu must shake things off” • Protest leaders “Crime Minister” filed a police complaint against Abrushmi for serious incitement to murder: “The blood of the protesters will be in the hands of the police”


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“Abrushmi allows the blood of civilians”: The remarks made last night at Ulpan Shishi by Yona Abrushmi, the killer of the late left-wing activist Emil Grinzweig, about “what needs to be done” to protesters in front of the prime minister’s residence in Balfour – are causing a stir. Protest leaders and politicians are calling for immediate arrest of suspected incitement to murder.

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MK Moshe (Boogie) Ya’alon Mish Atid-Telam, called for the immediate arrest of Abrushmi: “The shaky (but unsurprising) incitement interview of the murderer Yonah Abrushmi requires his immediate arrest! This is a clear incitement to murder. Netanyahu must shake things off. Because Abrushmi leans on his incitement against the demonstrators. Anti-democratic violence raises its head, and some people incite it. Netanyahu, you can not say “my hand did not shed this blood.”

Ahead of a protest that is expected to resume tonight in front of the prime minister’s residence in Balfour, representatives of the Crime Minister movement today filed a complaint with the police against Abrushmi for serious incitement to murder.

Tonight, movement member Yishai Hadas filed a complaint with the Kfar Saba police against Abrushmi, and the movement sent an urgent appeal to Deputy Commissioner Moti Cohen ahead of the demonstration: “If Abrushmi is not arrested and there is violence tonight, the protesters’ blood will be on the hands of the police.”

“The abominable murderer Abrushmi has shed the blood of civilians who are legitimately and non-violently protesting against the government,” the movement said. “In a reformed state, the prime minister would have immediately condemned the killer, but in Israel 2020 incitement will begin in Balfour.

“There are young guys who will go to Balfour, they know what to do”

In an interview with Legal Moscow, Abrushmi called the protesters in Balfour “bacteria” and interpreted his words as calling for action: “Bacteria are bacteria, even today they are bacteria. When you love a person you are willing to die for him. I loved Begin then as today they admire Netanyahu, “I like Begin more. I’m not going to Balfour today. There are young guys, they will go there, and they know what to do.”

10 years after his release from prison, Abrushmi spared no harsh words about the protesters – and he holds a firm opinion about them: “I hate them even today, and they hate me too. They are bad people, anti-Israel. They spread diseases, they should be kept out of society.”

Inbar Toiser participated in the preparation of the article


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