Aboutaleb sends letter to Rotterdam students: ‘Talk to each other about corona measures’


Aboutaleb addressed the students directly because the number of infections among students in Rotterdam is increasing daily. The letter was also sent on behalf of the Rector Magnificus of the university and the chairmen of the university colleges.

‘Talk to each other’

The mayor of Rotterdam writes that students must abide by the rules, partly because it is important to them. He writes that ‘young people can also become very ill’, but that it is also important for family members, fellow students, friends and neighbors.

Aboutaleb: “Talk to each other on everyone’s responsibility. Only together can we get this virus under control.” He previously spoke to the student associations about the infections.

The Municipality of Rotterdam and GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond are very concerned because students are not so easily tested, for example. Moreover, they would find it difficult to quarantine and also have difficulty with the source and contact research of the GGD.

Face mask obligation in Rotterdam

All student associations therefore set up a campaign together with the municipality and the GGD to encourage students to adhere to the corona measures. This campaign starts Tuesday August 4.

Because of the contamination in his city, Aboutaleb has imposed a mask on busy places in Rotterdam, which will start next week.


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