About 100 infected at the “Gates of Rumors” yeshiva; Transferred to a motel


a a A First publication: About a hundred guys from the “Shaarei Shumuot” yeshiva contracted the “corona” virus at the end of summer time, Shabbat Square has learned.

The Shaarei Shumuot yeshiva in Beit Hilkia opened its summer time on Rosh Chodesh Sivan and managed to keep all the students in the yeshiva compound until Tisha B’Av, without contracting the virus.

In the last few days of time one of the staff members was found positive for Corona and he apparently started the infection while sitting.

The yeshiva estimates that most of the infection took place on Tisha B’Av, last week, when prayers were held for all members of the yeshiva throughout the day.

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It should be noted that more than 150 of the students have been examined so far and as of yesterday (Wednesday) 97 verified patients were found. Most of the students who fell ill were transferred to the Corona Hotel ‘Caesar’ on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem.

In a conversation with Kikar Hashabat, the yeshiva notes the “special assistant Dashmia who accompanied the yeshiva all the time, and that the corona failed to disrupt the yeshiva arrangements until the last minute, especially at the end of the time.” “, As they say.

It should be noted that on Rosh Chodesh Elul, the yeshiva will move to the new and spacious building at the entrance to Beit Hilkia. On Tisha B’Av and on the evening of the fast, the students were packing the book treasure in preparation for its transfer to the new building, which added to the great contagion.


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