Aarhus confirms ongoing negotiations with Anderlecht


Mustapha Bundu will in all probability become the new flank attacker of RSC Anderlecht. The interest of the people of Brussels in the player has been known for a while, and now the Bundu club also confirmed the ongoing negotiations.

The Aarhus club website states that negotiations between Anderlecht and the Danish club are currently ongoing. “We are currently negotiating with Anderlecht about the sale of Bundu. There is talk of a transfer price between 3.3 and 4 million euros, as well as a clause on any resale. If there is more news, we will let you know on this website “, says Aarhus.

RSC Anderlecht has already strengthened itself with three players with a view to next season. So Ilias Takidine, Timon Wellenreuther and Bogdan Mykhaylichenko will soon be joined by Mustapha Bundu.

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