A58 from Tilburg to Breda free again after accident at Gilze


The A58 from Tilburg to Breda was closed for a short time on Sunday afternoon after an accident at Gilze. A trauma helicopter was summoned. It is not clear what exactly happened, but around two o’clock the road between Tilburg-Centrum West and Bavel was released again.

The accident happened around an hour. Motorists were advised to drive via Den Bosch.

“It’s all standing still”
Due to the closure of the road, a traffic jam of four kilometers was created around half past two between Tilburg-Centrum West and Tilburg-Reeshof. This resulted in a delay of more than half an hour.

“It has come to a complete stop,” said a motorist from the traffic jam. “People get out of their cars and are waiting.”

There was also a traffic jam on the road from Breda to Tilburg, because people slowed down to look at the scene of the accident.


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