A year after the death of Bjorg Lambrecht, his cared for …


Belk, a village in the Polish Silesia. Exactly a year ago, 22-year-old Bjorg Lambrecht died there. A concrete culvert, an unfortunate fall, a desperate resuscitation, and then nothing more. Today the Tour of Poland starts again. But in Maldegem, Wilfried Vyncke (66), Lambrecht’s personal caretaker for years, will only follow the course sideways. At least once a week he cycles to the grave of Lambrecht. He will do the same this morning. With many questions. “With every course driven, I think: how good would Bjorg have been here?” A loving monologue.
“A year, already. It goes so quickly. I can still see myself here, upstairs in my massage room. I was busy with someone. As always, the radio was on. The news. It was reported that there was an accident …


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