A worker was killed in a fall at a construction site in Hadera


A construction worker was killed this morning at a construction site in Hadera, according to an initial MDA report. According to the report, the worker fell from a great height during his work at the site located on President Weizmann Boulevard in the city. MDA medics and paramedics who arrived at the scene reported a 51-year-old worker with a severe head injury. Signs of life and they were forced to determine his death.

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This is the 16th practice killed at construction sites since the beginning of the year. Also in this case it is a fall from a height which is the most common cause of death in accidents of construction workers.

The construction site where Hapoel was killed Photo: Union and Rescue Northern District

Kav LaOved responded: “Today, the 16th worker for 2020 was killed in work accidents in the construction industry. According to an MDA report, the worker, 51, was killed when he fell from a great height at a construction site on President Weizmann Boulevard in Hadera.

“He was hit in the head and MDA forces determined his death on the spot. Unfortunately, although falling from a height is the main cause of work accidents in the construction industry, the entry into force of scaffolding regulations is only being postponed.

“The reform was supposed to take effect these days, but will be postponed for a year, and the responsible parties are shifting the responsibility onto each other, instead of mobilizing all the resources to find a solution and save lives.”

Dr. Hadas Tagri, director of the Group for Combating Construction Accidents and Industry, said in response, “The safety situation of workers at construction sites is extremely serious, and only last week 9 injuries of workers at construction sites were reported, of which 3 were very serious. After a slight respite during the Feast of Sacrifice, and before two hours have passed since the resumption of work at the sites – we are unfortunately counting the 16th killed at construction sites since the beginning of the year, even though this year was characterized by a lower activity than the Corona Characterized by multiple accidents. We call on the Safety Director of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare and the Registrar of Contractors in the Ministry of Housing to take deterrent sanctions against contracting companies in which fines are imposed for safety violations and the revocation of the licenses of negligent contracting companies – actions that are rarely taken today. We also call on the Israel Police and the State Attorney’s Office to thoroughly investigate this and other accidents in order to prosecute those responsible for their negligence in injuring workers, especially in light of the fact that about a quarter of fatal work accidents at construction sites occur in the northern region. Workers in work accidents. ”


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