A violent explosion shook the port in Beirut, dozens of wounded were evacuated to hospitals


A violent explosion recently (Tuesday) shook the port in southern Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Videos were uploaded to social media documenting the horrific explosion that was seen over long distances and the powerful blast that caused damage within a radius of hundreds of meters from the scene of the incident.

Above the place there is thick white smoke and in the videos that were distributed it appears that minutes after the first explosion came a much stronger explosion than its predecessor – a large mushroom of smoke is seen above the area of ​​the explosion.

According to Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Miyadin network, the explosion in Beirut was heard throughout the capital and the surrounding area. The network’s correspondent emphasized that according to preliminary information, this was not a terrorist activity. He noted that the incident took place in hangar number 12 at the port.

The reporter also added that dozens of people were injured, including seriously injured who were transported by ambulances to hospitals located in the area.

Live broadcast from Lebanon – Al-Miyadin network


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