A tender has been published for the establishment of a corona test system at Ben Gurion Airport


The Corona National Commissioner said at the press conference that “everyone understands the meaning of closure” and added that he intends to increase the number of tests – “those who have not been tested – infected”

Against the background of the approval of the “traffic light program” yesterday in the Corona Cabinet, the director of the “Magen Israel” program, Professor Roni Gamzo, said today (Thursday) at a press briefing that the goal is to reduce the number of daily infections to hundreds by September 1. Gamzo also said that the morbidity situation in Israel is one of the most difficult in the world, adding that no closure is planned at this stage. His message to Corona: “Instead of closing from above, I want order – a bottom-up partnership for all of us.”

Professor Roni Gamzo said today (Thursday) that “the goal of the State of Israel is to reduce the percentage of infections by September 1. There is great importance in lowering the numbers, and therefore the vigilance of the State of Israel is very great.” Gamzo said the data show that “a stop of the serious patients is being seen”.

Gamzo said the cabinet had asked him to initiate measures to eradicate the corona. Gimzo added that “before September 1, this is the best time to quarantine. The best war against the spread of the virus is to create a quarantine. And yet, everyone understands the difficult meaning of quarantine.”

Gamzo referred to the civilian responsibility in the war for the spread of the virus: “The process requires a huge concentration from us. I want order, a bottom-up partnership. That’s my message. Along with other steps. It is not automatic. Whoever wants to achieve great, immediate drop of tens of percent, An act of closure must be taken. ” However, Gamzo added that “closing red cities does not work.”

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The National Corona commissioner praised his proposal to fight the virus and said that “red and orange cities should be taken, and massive cooperation should be entered into with the local authority. I want discipline in the epidemiological investigations, much more testing. A red city that ignores the tests creates a continuation of chain.”

Tomorrow, there will be a forum of local authorities of the ultra-Orthodox and Arab sectors, I do not speak from the ministry, I speak from the field, I want to let them prove themselves, I need the help of everyone, of the HMOs and also of enforcement. The family cell that has one verified one should go into the capsule, I encourage hotels, combined with support for difficult families today. I want local, national and family rule. People who know the ultra-Orthodox world well, the Arab world, they know how to do the job, the truth is that treatment in a red city should be under attack

The circumferential belts do not do the job. Need to get inside. The public needs to know, and the director of the local authority needs to know, there is cooperation. Gloomy cities are closing all over the world but in the country the leaders have said not to close. I told the ministers let’s give them a chance they’ll lower their infection rates. Those who are not tested – are infected.

My main task is to push the numbers down. I see that the citizens are with us

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Yellow-green-orange-green. The traffic light was approved by Prime Minister Netanyahu. The concept is clear even though not everything is approved.

My focus is on the differences between the cities, between the buildings, there are complexities but the achievement that the city, the residents and the head of the authority, are the ones that will determine its conduct. Not everything is as usual in this period. This year is another year. It is impossible to continue with the normal routine. So this year is a special year. A few words to conclude: It is complex, but it must be said: the Cabinet was behind all my decisions. This is not the time to close. Israel can continue to descend, I listen and hear, not a closure from above but an order from below.

There is a general outline for going abroad. We are preparing Ben Gurion Airport to prepare for this, and are currently launching a tender for a company that will operate a system of tests within Ben Gurion Airport.

How do you prevent people from getting from a red city to a green city?

There is a difficulty at the traffic light. But we want to create in the residents that they are responsible for their fate.

How do you intend to reduce the number of people infected? I do not intend to close the State of Israel. The most effective tool is a full closure. I currently want to give the State of Israel an opportunity to do the credit in another way. First of all, it’s a dialogue with the public. Disciplining masks and not doing some wedding or hafala, it destroys us. We will carry out stronger enforcement.

The Prime Minister gave me full backing. He is in no hurry to close, he wants to lower the morbidity. Also in the economic aspect you shuffle when you are not green. Netanyahu understands what Israel looks like when not everything is green. They understand and so they accepted my position


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