A senior in Google’s autonomous car division will go to jail for stealing trade secrets


Anthony Lewandowski, a former senior in Google’s autonomous car division, has been sentenced in U.S. court to 18 months in prison for stealing trade secrets after moving to Uber.

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Anthony Lewandowski. Convicted of stealing trade secrets Photo: Bloomberg

According to Judge William Aslop in the San Francisco District Court, Lewandowski committed “the greatest trade theft crime I have ever encountered.” Lewandowski was accused of keeping over 14,000 Google documents on his laptop before leaving the company in January 2016. He moved on to manage Uber’s driverless car project, but was fired in 2017 for exposing the affair. In March of this year he applied toBankruptcy After being required to pay $ 179 million to Alphabet, Google’s parent company due to its actions.

“Billions of dollars in future revenue have been on the table, and when such sums of money are involved, good people do terrible things, and that’s what happened here,” the judge ruled.

Lewandowski, who was one of the founders of Google’s autonomous car project, called Wimo, was hoping to receive a 12-month prison sentence. He said he has pneumonia so there is a chance he will get Corona in jail. “While guilt and shame continue to gnaw at my conscience, I work every day to earn my redemption in the world,” he wrote in a letter he sent to the judge before sentencing.

However, the judge ruled that a sentence without actual imprisonment means “giving the green light to any brilliant engineer in the future to steal trade secrets.” However, he ruled that Bandowski could start serving his sentence after the plague peak was behind us.

“Today marks the end of a three-and-a-half year period and the beginning of another long road,” said Lewandowski, who now heads the Pronto company that produces driverless trucks. Lewandowski is also suing Uber for $ 4.1 billion around the acquisition of his previous startup, Otto.


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