A rocket fired from Gaza was intercepted by an iron dome, shrapnel hit vehicles in Sderot


The IDF announced tonight (Sunday) that the Iron Dome battery intercepted a launch from the Gaza Strip towards Israel. Earlier, an alarm was activated in Sderot and in the localities of Nir Am, Or Haner, Erez and Ivim in the Gaza Strip.

An IDF spokesman said: “Following the report of a warning, one launch was identified from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory, which was intercepted by IAF fighters.”

The Sderot municipality informed its residents that the interceptor shrapnel hit vehicles in the city: “About half an hour ago, a” red color “alarm was sounded in the city of Sderot while dozens of vehicles were in a special drive-in complex, which was inaugurated tonight in the municipal market.

The rocket was intercepted by an iron dome and the interceptor shrapnel fell on one of the city streets, damaging vehicles. There are no injuries in the body. Additional updates later as needed. “(Photo: Archive).


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