A quarter of Israeli youth smoked at least once


Report reveals: A quarter of the youth smoked an e-cigarette • The rate of smokers in Israel remained unchanged at about 20%. A third reported that they smoked more since the crisis broke out. And about 30,000 turned to the HMOs to quit • CEO of the smoking cessation project: “The data is worrying and disappointing”

One in five adult Israelis (20%) smokes, unchanged from the previous year (19.8%). This is according to a report on smoking in 2019 that will be submitted to the Knesset this week – this is what the health correspondent of “Israel Today” -Mital Yasur Beit-Or publishes for the first time this morning (Sunday).

The report shows that about 25.3% of men and 15% of women smoke. In a survey conducted in March this year after the outbreak of the corona, about a third of respondents (36%) reported that they smoked more than usual during this period. The fight against smoking: Cigarettes have been sold in uniform packs, sold in closed closets, tobacco products have been banned from being published in newspapers and the tax on tobacco has been raised.

The report first examined e-cigarette use and found that 1.8% of participants reported using e-cigarette or Aikos.

About 15% of sixth- through twelfth-graders reported ever having smoked cigarettes. More than a quarter of teens tried e-cigarettes last year. Many of which Israel has not implemented smoking restrictions under the “Tobacco Control Convention”, this year there was an improvement in rankings and Israel is ranked seventh highest out of 36 countries in Europe, partly due to smoking restrictions in public places.

The area of ​​enforcement is deficient: only 31 local authorities reported to the Ministry of Health by law the scope of enforcement. Of these, 14 gave 0 reports. The state’s total revenue from taxation on tobacco products was about NIS 6.3 billion last year.

Shira Kislev, CEO of the Smoking Eradication Initiative: “The report is disappointing and raises concerns about the effectiveness of the Ministry of Health’s fight against smoking. Clear vision and goals must be set for the government.”

The Medical Society for the Prevention and Smoking Cessation and the Association of Public Health Physicians: “The Corona epidemic proves once again that for the sake of public health, it is imperative now to continue to promote measures to prevent smoking, especially among adolescents and young people and to encourage smoking cessation.”


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