“A player has to be very brave to get out of the closet”


ONE System | 01/08/2020 19:33
Louis van Gaal (Reuters)

Louis van Gaal (Reuters)

Louis van Gaal Has not stood on the lines for several years, but tonight (Saturday) the former coach opened a Pandora’s box. The Dutchman was interviewed in his homeland by Gaikrant magazine, which covers the proud community and talked about a particularly sensitive issue that has been hovering in the air perhaps ever since – homosexuality in the football world, when he said: “In the past I coached players I thought were gay.”

“There are gay players, but not many,” said Van Gaal, who spoke at length about the issue as someone who has coached hundreds of players over the course of his career. “The world of football is not a show to society. A football player has to be extraordinarily brave and strong to come out of the closet, because in our age and in the football world people can be very angry about another person’s different sexual orientation, ”the former coach added.

Louis van Gaal (Reuters)Louis van Gaal (Reuters)

Later, Van Gaal referred to his personal experience dealing with gay actors and provided an interesting saying: “During my career no actor has confessed to being gay. That means a lot. I would not say in which club it was, but I once coached players I was sure were gay. I want to protect them. Some are married and have children. I once asked if they had a partner and after that I asked if they had a partner. ”

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