A new poll states: If there is an election – Netanyahu is to blame


The stability of the unity government seems very shaky in recent days, with relations between Blue and White and the Likud seeming to be strained mainly around the question of approving the budget. Last Wednesday, Finance Minister Israel Katz and Deputy Prime Minister Bnei Gantz met to discuss the construction of the budget. The meeting ended without white smoke and now it seems that the coalition is facing a dead end. If the budget is not approved by the end of the month Mano Geva checked who the public thinks is to blame if the government disintegrates.

The question addressed to those surveyed was: If the unity government disintegrates, who do you think is to blame if elections are held? 37% of all respondents believe that the blame falls mainly on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Although a small distance from this answer, 33% believe that if the government falls apart, the blame falls equally between Netanyahu and the replacement prime minister, Bnei Gantz. Only 13% believe that if the government disintegrates the sole blame is on Ganz.

At the same time, there are rumors that the person who deserves to lead the political center in Israel again is the last chief of staff, Gadi Izenkot. Three days ago in an interview with the High Court of Justice, Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said he did not rule out replacing his party leader. “If it is true that Gadi Izenkot will be in the lead – so be it,” Ashkenazi added: “The kingdom is important and not the monarchy.” Izenkot himself did not rule out entering politics either, about two months ago he hinted in “Israel Today” that: “I saw up close that influence is through leadership and through action from within the systems. In politics, once you decide, everyone works to thwart your decision.”

Although in the survey it appears that the public is not happy with the entry of another chief of staff into politics and is not even considered a savior. The survey asked the question: If a party led by Gadi Izenkot is formed, what is the chance that you will vote for it? And claimed that they think not.The positive figures were extremely low when only 2% claimed that it was certain that they would vote for Izenkot, even the undecided who thought so were only 12%.


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