A mission from the Rebbe is for life: the mission returns to Morocco


Tomorrow in Gaza, the rabbinical emissary Gittel Eidelman Shathi, return to Morocco to continue the mission to which she left over sixty years ago, together with her rabbi husband Hello Eidelman P.

As a reminder, with the outbreak of the corona plague, Rabbi Eidelman AH and his wife became infected, and on Passover Rabbi Eidelman passed away and was buried on Good Monday in exile in Casablanca, while his wife recovered, and traveled to France to recover among her family. For the mission, the strict instructions of Morocco, did not allow her to fly from France back to her place of mission, and these days citizens and permanent employees were allowed to return to Morocco, and tomorrow in Gaza the mission will board a flight from Paris to Casablanca to continue the mission. Her family strives to reach Casablanca. When the directives are in Morocco, foreign nationals will be allowed to land in the country.

The family members say that they were amazed to see how from France, the mother managed the mission projects in Casablanca – took care of Torah lessons and minyanim, according to the corona’s instructions, organized the operation of the mikveh remotely and more and more. And now she is alone again in continuing the institutions she ran with her husband.

It should be noted that as in other countries, also in Morocco, the corona situation changes from day to day, and the guidelines change accordingly, and these days on the one hand the flight to Casablanca was allowed and probably in the coming days the sky will close again, and recently traffic restrictions were imposed on eight cities including Casablanca. To other cities. But all these, do not deter, the shliach that came out sixty years ago for the shlichim with the blessing of the Rebbe, only ten days after her wedding…


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