A line of senior appointments at Teddy Sagi’s Globe Invest – General


Israeli billionaire Teddy Sagi announced today a series of appointments at Globe Invest, which he owns. Sagi promoted two senior executives, Guy Vardi and Yaniv Amzaleg, to co-CEOs, after joining his company two years ago from EY.

For the past two years, Guy Vardi has served as Chief Investment Officer and Amzaleg has managed the Family Office mergers and acquisitions business. The two led a reorganization process of various companies in the group and expanded the activities of Sagi’s investment arm.

In addition, Pierre Atian Lalia, a former Japanese investment bank nomura and Goldman Sachs will serve as legal counsel and work at London headquarters.





Globe Invest is responsible for the management of all real and financial investments and the management of Sagi’s liquid assets, with the company managing assets amounting to $ 5.5 billion, with its portfolio focusing mainly on the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Romania and Cyprus. Through the investment arm, Sagi also invests in technology, fintech and e-commerce companies.

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