A kindergarten principal in Ramla and four aides were arrested on suspicion of child abuse


This morning (Monday), Little Bercy, owner of a garden in Ramla, will be brought before the Magistrate’s Court after she was suspected of violating the Dormitory Supervision Law. The kindergarten owner was questioned again, after four assistants in the kindergarten she owned were arrested on suspicion of violent behavior towards the kindergarten children. She was initially questioned on suspicion of not reporting the violence in the kindergarten, but last night police turned the investigation into an arrest, after the suspicion of non-reporting also became a suspicion of Bersi’s involvement in the child assault. Police will ask the court to extend her detention.

A week ago, four assistants from the kindergarten were arrested, two of them from the daycare center and two from the nursery. The four were arrested on suspicion of violence against toddlers in the kindergarten, and were brought into custody last Wednesday. Bercy, who came to court asking for an extension of her detention, called them “monsters” and accused them of destroying her life’s enterprise – the garden. At the end of the trial, Bersi claimed that she was not aware of the cases of violence in the kindergarten, but after her investigation by the police, the investigators claim otherwise because it is a long period of violent behavior and not a point case.

Advocate Idit Reichert, representing the kindergarten owner, said: “The kindergarten owner was arrested last night after a nightly interrogation, during the interrogation no evidence linking her to the acts was presented to her despite our demand for such basic action at this stage. It seems, then, that this is a showy and unnecessary arrest and a surrender to public pressure. We will require the police to disclose all investigative materials that link my client to the suspicion alleged against her and her confrontation with the aides or those involved. My client gave her version and denied the matter, and will continue to assist the Israeli police as needed. ”


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