A family from Yemen and London reunited in Abu Dhabi


a a A The UAE authorities allowed members of a Jewish family from Yemen to enter its territory and obtain citizenship from Abu Dhabi. After the confirmation, a particularly exciting moment was recorded.

It turns out that this is a broken family, which has not met for 15 years due to the distance between them and the difficulty of getting to Yemen, where the father and mother lived.

Some of their children and grandchildren live in London – which, as mentioned, meant that they did not meet for that long. Those from London, too, in an unusual move, received citizenship from Abu Dhabi.

The United Arab Emirates government news agency aired an article documenting the exciting family moments, and the union after so long.

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The family members expressed their happiness in a conversation with the news agency, and said that it was a “miracle and we fulfilled a dream – which would have seemed impossible.”

“We thank the UAE for its great support of this family connection. This is an example of the UAE’s humanitarian approach, as well as the noble values ​​of tolerance and coexistence.”

The father of the family, who saw his children after 15 years, said excitedly: “I feel like I was born again today. I am so happy to have met all my children and grandchildren.”

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