A cyber attack against the defense industries in Israel was thwarted


Already last month, security company ESET reported that the origin of the cyber group Lazarus, which was trying to break into European defense companies, is most likely in North Korea. The hackers in Lazarus carry out the cyber attacks by impersonating recruiters, sending a message to their targets containing a link that appears to be valid. However, by clicking on it, it performs malicious actions on the computer and allows hackers to gain remote access.

While “phishing” attacks are sent to large groups of people, “spear” attacks are more targeted, targeting specific people on whom preliminary intelligence information has been gathered. Thus, for example, the attacker sends a job offer that seems legitimate, and while corresponding he sends a link to a PDF or Word file.

When you open the file, the user actually gives access to his computer for the hackers, who can lock the computer remotely, encrypt the information as well as steal sensitive information. Such an attack is carried out by exploiting a security breach in the social network LinkedIn, as well as by exploiting a security breach in the Windows operating system.

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