A connection has been found between the condition of your gums and the risk of dying from corona


The most significant finding came from a German study published last April. There, the researchers found that corona patients whose blood IL-6 protein levels were high were significantly more likely to develop corona-related respiratory distress syndrome and need hospitalization.

Dr. Sherwin Meloyim, a dental surgeon from Los Angeles, believes that many of these corona patients who had high levels of IL-6 protein in their blood suffered from gingivitis while infected with the corona virus. In its efforts to fight hostile invaders, the body increases the production of immune cells, including the IL-6 protein. However, those who are genetically more likely to produce more of this protein also tend to suffer more from chronic gum disease.

“IL-6 is one of the worst. It is found to be involved in the destruction of bones, tissues, and if it reaches the blood vessels it causes the cells there to dilate less – which can cause high blood pressure and overexertion of the heart,” Dr. Fillies explained. Time that gum disease is a risk factor as well as a predictor factor for cardiovascular disease.


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