A compromise with Shasha Bitton is imminent: he will not be removed from the committee


(Photo: Adina Wallman / Knesset Spokeswoman)

The chairman of the Kaverna Committee, MK Yifat Shasha Bitton, is expected to meet tomorrow (Monday) with Prime Minister Netanyahu. If the meeting goes well and an understanding is reached, it will not be expelled from the committee, but will be satisfied with the Likud limiting its bills and proposals for order.

“It is not certain that the restrictions are the right solution,” Yifat Shasha Bitton in the Corona Committee (Credit: Knesset Channel)

Coalition chairman Mickey Zohar, who signed the decision to fire Bitton, is the one working behind the scenes to prevent this. Only on Tuesday did Zohar scold her: “Recently, there has been a loosening of coalition discipline that makes it difficult for us to work for the people of Israel. In a joint consultation with the Prime Minister, it was decided to impose sanctions on those who violated discipline as has been the practice of all Israeli governments for generations. I’m sorry there are those who do not know how to accept criticism and choose to shoot inside the ADF.

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“I acted on my conscience,” Shasha Bitton said in response. She said: “The Prime Minister’s decision to fire me is a decision that aims to prevent serious discussions, to prevent discourse, to prevent listening to the public, to prevent other voices from being heard. I am glad that I also opened the committee to the public with transparency, seriousness and full commitment. Even in the future, wherever I will be. “

As mentioned, the transfer of Shasha Bitton from her position requires the approval of the Knesset committee and this requires support from blue and white people who refuse to do so, as well as the convening of the Corona committee and its approval to replace it with another chairman, after several decisions were made.

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