A boy from Lod was arrested on suspicion of assaulting young gay men in the port of Jaffa


Iggy, the proud youth organization, condemned the assault case. “The severe beatings seen in the video are the nightmare of every LGBT boy in Israel. We congratulate the police on the prompt treatment and arrest of the criminals. It should be clear – the violence against the LGBT continues to rage and we must fight it with all our might and in all parts of Israeli society ”

About a week ago, MK Walid Taha (the joint list) caused a stir, after denying the existence of gays among the Arab public in Israel. Conversion. “God created mankind by male and female, and this is the proper condition. “Those who have a tendency seek treatment, and this law comes to prevent them from treatment that will return them to the normal situation,” he added.

“Arab society in the vast majority of all denominations and religions opposes these laws,” MK Taha claimed. “It has a religious, cultural, values ​​and moral administration that does not accept this thing as a legitimate thing. And so we voted against. ”

(First update: 10:16)


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