A blow to Hezbollah: The Lebanese prime minister is expected to resign


Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab will pay for the blast in Beirut. The Lebanese government intends to hold a meeting tomorrow (Tuesday), with Lebanese sources stating that the reason such a meeting has not yet taken place is an expectation of Diab’s resignation before it takes place.

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This morning, Lebanon’s Minister of Justice resigned, with the Minister of Communications and the Minister of the Environment resigning before her. Seven other ministers submitted their resignations as well as eight MPs, who belong mainly to anti-Hezbollah currents.

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab. Photo: EPA

In recent nights, tens of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Lebanon demanding a government coup. Protesters broke into government offices and barricaded themselves in them. They were repulsed when they wanted to enter the parliament building. Lebanese security forces used rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the demonstrations. Videos were shown on social media showing gunmen in civilian clothes firing live ammunition at the protesters. The claim was that these were Hezbollah operatives.

The investigation into the explosion at the port of Beirut began after three days of mourning. Prime Minister Diab demanded that the findings of the investigation be received within 48 hours, but as stated he will probably not remain in office to hear its conclusions.

The opposition camp to Hezbollah demanded an external commission of inquiry to obtain true results as to those responsible, the prosecution also demanded to examine the possibility that Israel was behind the explosion on the port using fighter jets. The Lebanese army ruled out this possibility this morning, according to the Lebanese Al-Jamhuriya newspaper.

Diab’s expected resignation is a political blow to Hezbollah. Diab is considered close to the organization and some have called him a Nasrallah puppet. The resignation will not satisfy the Lebanese who are hoping for international intervention that will free them from the clutches of Hezbollah and the Iranian patron.


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