A 49-year-old man was killed in a car accident near Kibbutz Regavim


On Road 6534 near Kibbutz Regavim in the Wadi Ara area, a frontal car accident occurred this evening (Friday) involving a private car and a truck. MDA medics and paramedics determined the death of a 49-year-old resident of Arara. The crews also provided medical treatment and evacuated a 43-year-old woman in a moderate to severe condition to MDA helicopter to Rambam Hospital, conscious, with injuries to the head and abdomen. Easy to Hillel Yaffe Hospital The truck driver did not need treatment.

MDA paramedic Rafi Sheva said: “When we arrived at the scene, we saw on the road a truck and a ditch on the side of the road. A crushed jeep, a man in his forties was trapped in the vehicle, he was unconscious and without a pulse, with severe multi-system injury, we performed medical tests We had to determine his death. “A woman in her forties who was driving the vehicle came out fully conscious and suffered injuries to the head and abdomen. After treatment in the field, we evacuated her in an MDA helicopter to a hospital in a moderate to severe condition. Six injured vehicle occupants were evacuated in a light condition.

The traffic inspectors of the Israel Police began investigating the circumstances of the accident.

Photo: Police spokeswoman


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