A 44-year-old woman who suffered a heat stroke in Ein Gedi was evacuated by MDA helicopter to Soroka


A 44-year-old woman was recently found (Saturday) vaguely conscious with signs of heat stroke in Ein Gedi. MDA medics and paramedics treated her and evacuated her by MDA helicopter to Soroka Hospital in a stable condition with signs of heat stroke.

MDA medics Yehuda Roth and Nir Wenger said: “We received the report of a hiker who was brought to the kibbutz when she was in a vague consciousness and collapsed after being in the sun for many hours. As soon as we arrived we put her in the air-conditioned ambulance and started a life-saving medical treatment that included cooling with fluids and infusion. “Together with the MDA helicopter crew that landed nearby, we continued the medical treatment and she was evacuated by helicopter in a stable condition and conscious to the hospital.”

archives. Photo: Elior Cohen


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