86 killed in India after drinking illicit alcoholic drink NOW


In the Indian state of Punjab, at least 86 people have died in a few days after consuming illegally produced liquor, writes BBC News based on Indian authorities. 25 persons potentially involved in the production of the drink were arrested.

The Punjab regional government reported this week that dozens of people had died from poisoning. The regional health minister, Amarinder Singh, therefore launched an extensive criminal investigation into how the individuals were killed.

Police reports indicate that the drink was sold in bulk to cafes and local communities. The illegally produced drinks are popular because of the lower price and the higher percentage of alcohol.

Agents raided more than a hundred homes on Saturday and confiscated countless amounts of the suspected drink.

Methanol is often found in illegally produced drinks, writes BBC News. This quickly leads to strong drink. However, in small amounts, methanol can be fatal, or lead to blindness and serious liver damage.


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