69 killed by poisonous liquor in India, residents angry with police


At least 69 people in the Indian state of Punjab were killed with illegal drinking. The death toll may be even higher: a number of deaths in the region have been linked to the drink, but the deceased were cremated before the cause of death could be demonstrated.

Neighborhood residents furious

Police have arrested 25 people, according to AP news agency. According to the Indian newspaper The Tribune, there is also a woman who, according to local residents, has been dealing in illegal drinks for twenty years. This scandal also affects her personally: one of the victims is her husband.

Angry residents have gathered at the police station for a demonstration. They believe that the police should have intervened much earlier, but instead turn a blind eye.

It is certainly not the first time that people die from home-made drinks in India, drinking hundreds of people each year. On the black market, home-made drinks are offered very cheaply, but often something goes wrong during the preparation process. The result is then a very toxic end product.


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