68-year-old woman infected twice in six months


A 68-year-old woman who had recovered from Covid-19 for six months tested positive for the virus again on August 9. It is the second time she has been diagnosed. That writes the British newspaper Daily Mail.

On February 8, when there was no pandemic in our country, a 68-year-old woman from Jingzhou, near Wuhan, tested positive for Covid-19. After a month the woman healed, but it turned out that it was not quite over. Because six months later, on August 9, she tested positive again. The woman has now been quarantined and is being treated. The people she interacted with were also tracked down and all tested.

It is not the first time someone tests positive again, for the second time. A month ago it was already the case in Israel, where a doctor tested positive for the second time. These two cases now raise questions among scientists about the immunity of patients who have already had the virus. Normally, after getting a virus, a person would reach a level of immunity that is at least temporary. But these cases call into question that natural protection.


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