675 active trouble spots and 8,618 positives in 3 days


MADRID – On Monday, according to data from the Ministry of Health, there are 675 corona fires or outbreaks active with 7,600 people tested positive. When looking at the end of the state of emergency on June 21, the number of registered trouble spots rises to 950 with about 11,100 people tested positive.

ATTENTION: This article is not to sow panic or spread fear, but it is brief information in Dutch of the official Spanish information about the positives, corona deaths and trouble spots, something that many of our readers ask for. The information that can be read here is taken from various websites such as Spanish newspapers (El Pais, El Diario and RTVE) but especially the official website of the Ministry of Health. CLICK HERE to visit that website.

According to the definition of the ‘Ministerio de Sanidad’, a corona fire or corona outbreak is referred to when there are 3 or more positively tested persons and there is an epidemiological link between these persons. When it comes to positive tests, a PCR test always applies and not the so-called rapid tests.

In 75% of cases, the corona fires currently in Spain consist of less than 10 people who have tested positive. In 35.6% of the cases, the outbreak takes place in a social environment such as family gatherings, parties, barbecues and nightlife.

Figures Monday 11 August

On Monday, the Ministry of Health announced the new daily figures that relate to the weekend in this case. There is talk of 8,618 new positive people tested since last Friday of which 1,486 were tested in the past 24 hours. That is less than last Friday when 1,895 new positives were added.

It’s about 1,486 cases over the past 24 hours are registered but the total number of positively tested persons increased from Friday to Monday with 8,618 people (322,980 persons on Monday minus 314,362 persons on Friday).

Of the 1,486 registered new positively tested persons 348 were reported in Aragón, 342 in the Basque Country, 224 in the Madrid region, 146 in Navarre, 133 in Andalusia, 76 in Catalonia and 29 in the Valencia region.

The numbers that HERE (PDF) show that the last 14 days 42,589 new corona infections or positives have been added while that number is the last 7 days 22,955 was.

At the moment, the total number of positively tested persons since the start of the corona crisis in Spain has risen to 322,980 people. The past seven days have been there too, according to the data 65 died with or as a result of the corona virus, which, according to the Ministry, has increased the total to 28,576 corona deaths.

The number of deaths is not the true number of corona deaths because many people have died without testing whether they were infected or not. There are also other figures in circulation that speak of more than 40,000 deaths.

The last 7 days had to be done in Spain 750 people are admitted to hospitals bringing the total number since the start of the corona crisis to 127,303 patients. Of these, the last 7 days 45 admitted to intensive care so that number rose to 11,887 ic patients since the start of the corona crisis.

CLICK HERE for the evolution of the coronavirus per autonomous region and CLICK HERE for these figures per Spanish province. Please note, these figures have been kept until July 26 and will be updated shortly by the Ministry of Health and the National Center for Epidemiology.


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