625 patients were diagnosed in Corona per day, the number of tests was cut by 60%


Only 7,405 corona tests were tested yesterday, compared to 22,890 the day before. The positive rate for the virus is 8.4%. The number of respirators from close to a hundred, the number of dead increased to 531. Aid grants for the corona crisis have begun to enter the bank accounts of Israeli citizens

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The Ministry of Health updated today (Thursday) that 625 people have been diagnosed in Corona since Saturday morning. This increased the number of verified infections in Israel to 72,315. It should be noted that yesterday results were obtained for only 7,405 tests, about a third of the number of tests the day before, when the percentage of positive for the virus is 8.4%. The test data and their results are not final and may change in subsequent updates from the Ministry of Health.

The number of active patients is 26,153. 771 patients are hospitalized in the hospitals, of which 96 are respirators and 340 are seriously ill. Currently, 531 people have died from the corona virus in Israel.

Yesterday, 1,358 people were diagnosed in Corona. The number of tests was 22,890, of which 6.1% were positive for the virus.

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Corona tests at the National Health Fund laboratories in Or Yehuda (Photo: Reuven Castro)

The corona grants approved by the government began entering the bank accounts of Israeli citizens this morning. According to the plan approved by the Knesset, every resident over the age of 18 is entitled to a grant of NIS 750, and an additional grant of NIS 500 for each child – up to the fourth child in the family. Starting with the fifth child, a grant of NIS 300 will be received for each additional person. In addition, recipients of benefits such as disability benefits, income support, nursing, alimony, needy immigrants, and other consumed populations will be entitled to a double grant, so that they will receive NIS 1,500.


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