600 people, under severe restrictions: an outline of the entry of Israeli tourists has been agreed


The outline of tourism between Greece and Israel has been agreed, according to which Israeli tourists will be able to fly to a selection of destinations in Greece, without the obligation of isolation upon landing. Until now, Greece has banned the entry of Israeli citizens, due to the high level of morbidity in the country. According to the outline, the destinations to which Israelis will be able to fly in Greece, at least in the first phase, are Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete and Corfu.

This morning (Thursday), Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi hosted his Greek counterpart, Foreign Minister Nikos Denidias, in his office in Jerusalem. The meeting between the two ministers raised issues on the political agenda between the two countries, including the warm friendly relations between Israel and Greece, the importance of opening Greece to Israeli tourism in the Corona era and the importance of bilateral, trilateral (Israel-Greece-Cyprus relations) and regional interests. The two ministers discussed regional developments and the challenges of stability and prosperity of the Mediterranean region.

Meeting between Gabi Ashkenazi and Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dandias. Photo: Foreign Ministry spokeswoman

The instructions for flying to Greece will be very strict, including allowing an Israeli to fly to Greece if in the 14 days prior to his flight he did not develop any symptoms of the corona virus, did not come into close contact with a verified patient and did not stay with a person in isolation. The Israeli airlines Israir and the Greek Aegean are expected to operate most of the flights from Israel to Greece. Companies are required to minimize the service that can be flown during the flight. In the first phase, Greece will allow the entry of only 600 Israelis, every week.

Ashkenazi and Denidias, today (Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
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The ministers also discussed at the meeting the further development of relations between the countries in the fields of innovation, trade, tourism and energy, including the development of the Eastmed project as well as the electric cable. The ministers stated that the cooperation between Israel and Greece would continue and that the strategic ties between the two would be deepened. Greek Foreign Minister Denidias has invited Ashkenazi to pay a reciprocal visit to Greece. Minister Ashkenazi accepted the invitation in the affirmative and the visit is expected to take place soon.

In an interview with the GLC this morning, Israel’s ambassador to Greece, Yossi Amrani, said: “The details will be closed later in the day, but Thessaloniki and Crete are the direction. “Thank you to the Greek government for the gesture.”


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