6 reasons why Trump hates ticketing


The billions agreement between Ticket
On the acquisition of the American activity of the popular social network – again on the table. The parties returned to negotiations after a stormy weekend, during which incumbent President Donald Trump announced his intention to sign a presidential decree banning the use of Tiktok in the US, making it clear that a purchase agreement with Microsoft would not be welcomed in the White House and would not save Tiktok. Indeed, yesterday (Sunday), after a conversation between Trump and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft confirmed that it is returning to the negotiating table and hopes to complete it within a month and a half. In addition, it was stated that Microsoft plans to acquire Tiktok’s operations in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

  • The popular social network is owned by BateDance – a Chinese technology giant
  • The White House sees this as a security threat, no less, for fear that information from Tiktuk will reach the Chinese authorities
  • The secondary threat is cultural: there is a fear that ticketing content will be censored according to Chinese government requirements
  • There is also concern about cultural takeover – Chinese party values ​​will seep into young people in the US
  • Below the surface: Young people in the US use ticketing, among other things, also to protest against the Trump administration
  • In recent months, against the backdrop of the corona crisis, Tiktok has grown to huge proportions and continues to gain momentum in the US as well – its main market outside China

According to the Wall Street Journal, the White House has been quite involved in the various contacts for the acquisition of Tiktok. In fact, it is clear from the lines that there was a real conflict between what Trump himself hoped to achieve with his boycott campaign – a total ban on social networking on U.S. soil, and what White House officials thought was more appropriate to do – to transfer Tiktok’s relevant activity to ownership of American company.Microsoft for example.In this way, the security concern will be removed that information about Tiktok users in the US will remain in the hands of an American corporation, and will not be subject to the whims of the Chinese government.

  • Public Opinion: In recent weeks, Trump and his advisers have spoken out very publicly against the use of tactics. Among other things, a campaign was launched on competing social networks, in which Trump accuses Tiktok of spying on US citizens and calls on them to immediately stop using the app
  • Presidential authority: Over the weekend, Trump announced that he intends to sign a presidential decree banning the use of tiktok outright
  • Method Wavy
    : As with the Chinese telecom giant two years ago, Trump could put BateDance on a blacklist of trade – thus banning American companies from having ties with it and Tiktok. In fact, this could be a blow to the young social network

Following the various reports, many have raised eyebrows about Microsoft’s involvement in the deal. While U.S. tech giants – Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google – are being questioned over blocking competition and monopolization – including at a historic congressional hearing last week, Microsoft has maintained a fairly clean image in recent years, especially since it was accused in the same way in the late 1990s.

What about Microsoft and teen videos? (Image processing. Photo: shutterstock)

Evidence of Microsoft’s strong ties with the White House can also be found in the latter’s win of the prestigious JEDI $ 10 billion tender for smart cloud infrastructure for the Pentagon. Businesses with Tiktok may also jeopardize the company’s public image – which will now have to “get dirty” with all the familiar problems of the social networking and user users’ business, but also its industry-wide relationship with the White House.

According to various estimates, Batance is worth more than $ 100 billion today, with Ticketock itself worth at least half that amount. In the US, it has about 80 million active users a month, many of whom are loyal to it to the point of outright protest. “To scorch the country, there have probably been voices advising Trump that this is not exactly the time to anger young voters as well – and that may be why he chose to allow the negotiations to continue. Instagram Reels “- a complete clone of Tiktok that will work as part of Instagram.


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