5000 bombs: The Air Force destroyed a third of the Syrian air defense system


The IAF reveals a leap in covert operations in the northern arena: Some 5,000 combat armaments were dropped on Iranian targets in Syria and on Hezbollah intensification targets

The Air Force presented today (Thursday) the data of the battle between the wars, which is intended to weaken the enemies of the State of Israel and to harm the transfers of weapons, without degenerating Israel into a new war.

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According to the data, the Israeli Air Force has so far destroyed about a third of the Syrian air defense system, which is being restored with Russian assistance.

In the last three years, Israel has launched 4,239 missiles and bombs during the attacks in Syria, and 844 anti-aircraft missiles have been launched during this period – which is a sharp jump compared to previous years.

Some of the anti-aircraft missiles fired by the Syrian army’s air defense system were able to intercept missiles fired by Air Force aircraft.

Some of the attacks that Israel is carrying out on Syrian territory have focused on the developing military capabilities of the Assad army to prevent its regime from producing advanced weapons that also include land-based missiles.

The IDF estimates that the Iranians are still determined to establish a military base in Syria, and estimates that the movements carried out by the Iranians within Syrian territory stem from a desire to improve positions, and not from withdrawal intentions.

Until 2018, Iran acted against Israel through emissaries. .

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