3rd time, good time: Wout van Aert triumphs in Strade Bianche | Strade Bianche 2020


After a 3rd place in 2018 and 2019, Wout van Aert (Jumbo-Visma) has now won first prize in the Strade Bianche. With an attack on the last white gravel strip, he won the Italian top match. The Italian (Formolo) and the German champion (Schachmann) bites in the dust.

Look at the Strade Bianche:

  1. 6:43 PM. Like a miner, Van Aert is looking to cool off in the shadow of the Piazza del Campo. This is the final breakthrough of a champion, especially after what happened a year ago. .
  2. 18h43. Formolo takes second place, right in front of Schachmann. Half a minute from Van Aert, please. .
  3. 18h42. What a number, what a number, what a number! José De Cauwer.
  4. 6 pm 42. Van Aert: a deep bow! Wout van Aert enters through the large gate, literally and figuratively. He wins a breathtaking Strade Bianche. In the final he was clearly the strongest! Hats off! .
  5. 18h41. Van Aert waives, but he is as good as above. The victory is in! .
  6. 18h40. Schachmann and Formolo must be a jet fighter to be able to seal this. We write down Van Aert. Yes, right? .
  7. Last km. Another 1,000 kilometers and then the liberation follows. Will Van Aert survive the end of the chilometro? . 6:40 PM.
  8. 6 p.m. 39. Schachmann is playing a game. Van Aert goes to the rag with 23 seconds. .
  9. 6 pm 37. Schachmann shakes his legs loose for a while. Is he preparing an ultimate jump or is the German rider’s best off? & Nbsp; He is delaying a bit with Formolo and we see that in the increasing difference: 18 seconds. Last year the duo were still team mate with Bora. Does that help? .
  10. 6:36 pm. Another 4 kilometers. 13 seconds, say GPS data. & Nbsp; A year after that dramatic fall in the Tour, Van Aert can completely deal with a hellish period here. Only we remain careful because of that devilish closing kilometer ….
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