358 In critical condition I Netanyahu’s goal: “Vaccine at the end of the first quarter of 2021.”


The Ministry of Health updates tonight (Thursday) that 1,689 new corona patients have been diagnosed in the last day in Israel.

Currently, there are 25,285 active patients in Israel, 358 patients with a severe defined condition and 100 respirators.

Since the outbreak of the plague in Israel, 576 people infected with corona have died. 53,412 Israelis have recovered from the virus.

Today, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, together with the corona projector Prof. Roni Gamzo and the CEO of Shaare Zedek Prof. Ofer Marin.

Netanyahu spoke about the development of the corona vaccine at the Biological Institute: “We are advancing to find a vaccine at the Biological Institute. I also assumed selling vaccine options in order to fund vaccine development and trials. I landed to start setting up the corona vaccine manufacturing plant. ”

The director of the Institute for Biological Research, Prof. Shmuel Shapira, told Netanyahu today: “Six months ago, you sent us on a journey to bring vaccines and antibodies to the State of Israel. We have fulfilled the task, and we are fulfilling it for the best. ”

Netanyahu set the goal: “There will be three stages – an experiment with a hundred people, an experiment with a thousand, and an experiment with 30,000, this is the international requirement. “If we go through the first two stages, the third experiment will take place by the end of the first quarter.”

On the fight against Corona, the prime minister said: “There is no country with a morbidity level like ours that has not imposed closures, but we are making an effort to reduce morbidity by other means. With the right behavior, we will eradicate it. ”

He added: “Last night we in the Corona Committee received the recommendations of Prof. Gamzo. We are aware of the socio-economic situation and are making an effort to reduce the morbidity in the next two weeks, if we make an effort – we will also succeed. As for the closure – we make every effort not to reach it. We are setting up a ‘breakwater’ that can track hundreds of patients and interrupt the chain of infection. “The IDF is setting it up, and it will be ready very soon.”

Professor Gamzo said: “The Cabinet has made a courageous decision – in the state of Israel’s morbidity all or most of the countries are going to close. I thank the Prime Minister and the Cabinet for accepting my outline not to go to the closure. With proper conduct, we will reduce morbidity, and the IDF will do its part. We are entering intensive care in red cities – without imposing a closure on them. ”


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