23 asylum seekers test positive for corona after one resident … (Antwerp)


Archive image.
Photo: BELGA

Antwerp –
In the province of Luxembourg, the Manhay Asylum Seekers Center has been quarantined after 23 residents tested positive for Covid-19. Various media report this after reporting by La Dernière Heure.

The infections could be traced back to an approved trip by a resident. It had gone to Antwerp a few days before the measures were announced by the National Security Council at the end of July, the Red Cross clarifies. When a nurse heard about the trip to Antwerp, where the number of infections had meanwhile risen sharply, she asked the resident to be tested, although he did not show any symptoms at the time. The test turned out positive and 22 other residents were also found to be infected, according to La Dernière Heure.

In total, the Red Cross center in Manhay currently houses 146 asylum seekers. The entire staff and all residents have been or will be tested. The center has been quarantined until further notice.


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