22 years in the playoffs were halted. Popovich: Give credit


ONE System | 14/08/2020 09:03
Greg Popovich (Reuters)

Greg Popovich (Reuters)

What a dramatic and dreamy evening (as befits World Disney) the NBA bubble provided us tonight (Thursday through Friday). The biggest story was the non-entry of San Antonio, for the first time in 22 years, into the playoffs after the 118: 112 loss to Utah. Also, Phoenix’s perfect balance did not help her qualify and Portland vs. Memphis in a direct playoff game.

Popovich: “Give us credit, records are about to end”

Spurs coach, Greg Popovich, Did not remain indifferent after the loss to Utah and the final news that for the first time in 22 years his team will not be part of the NBA playoffs. Alongside this, the legendary coach did not take too hard and indulged in past moments: “Give us credit for what we did, it is incomprehensible to him.”

The latter went on to add: “Peaks are about to end and we can look back and be proud. This group has some of the best human material in the basketball world, from the management to the last of the team members. “

Morning: “The bubble burst for us”

The tragic heroine of this season will probably be Phoenix. The Suns came back from the corona lag in the best way, providing a perfect 0: 8 balance (bubble champions) but unfortunately that was not enough for them to get the long-awaited ticket to the playoffs, after a 106: 128 victory over Dallas.

Devin Booker, Who excelled with 27 points, said after the sour-sweet victory: “The bubble burst for us. We worked so hard for the small chance that we will reach the playoffs and unfortunately our perfect balance was not enough this time. “

Lillard: “Want to get into the playoffs at all costs”

Thriller to the last second Portland and Memphis promised us and they did. The Trail Blazers outscored Brooklyn 133: 134 dramatically and went up 39:35, while the Grizzlies defeated Milwaukee 106: 119 and are 39:34 out. Portland needs one win in the two remaining games against Memphis (one will suffice in the first game). The Grizzlies, on the other hand, must win both games in order to advance to the playoffs.

Damien Lillard, Who provided another insane evening for his team with a double-double of 42 points and 12 assists, is ready for battle: “I said and said it over and over again – I did not come to waste my time. I want to get into the playoffs at all costs. “


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