20,000 corona tests en route to the country from India


Cooperation between India and Israel: The joint delegation has completed its mission in India and will leave for Israel in the coming days

The Mapat and Foreign Ministry delegation to India has completed its mission and will return to Israel in the coming days after collecting more than 20,000 samples from Corona patients.

The mission is complete, returning home: The joint delegation to the Ministries of Defense, Foreign Affairs and Health has completed its mission in India, after meeting its ambitious goal of collecting more than 20,000 samples from verified Corona patients within 9 days. The delegation set up 6 drive-in sites in the city of Delhi for corona sampling and two laboratories for concentrating and processing the data in computer systems brought especially from Israel. The Government of India has set up hundreds of Indian samples (50-150 samples per site), which have taken from the thousands of volunteers in the experiment 4 different non-invasive samples: sound sample, saliva, exhalation and pen test.

Joint teams from Israel and India supervised the activity at all sites, while taking great care to comply with the pre-defined experimental rules. The samples were fed to artificial intelligence-based computer systems and Mapat and Israeli industries began analyzing the data, which will continue in the coming days in India and then with the return of the delegation to Israel.

Appendix of the Ministry of Defense and the IDF in India, Col. Assaf Meller: “The goal is to bring to the world a technological capability to perform rapid corona tests within tens of seconds, which will allow the opening of airports, office buildings, schools, train stations and more. Indian fundraising for the project “It is amazing. All the research and development bodies, including the scientific adviser to Prime Minister Modi, have joined the operation in full force. We hope that in a few months we will be able to bring a message to the world.”

The leader of the delegation to India on behalf of the Ministry of Defense, Lt. Col. Yaniv Meirman: “The members of the delegation are already in the process of researching and processing the data, which will continue when we return to Israel. We are optimistic and hope that soon

Work in India is conducted under strict protection rules. During their stay in India, members of the delegation underwent 3 corona tests and were found to be negative for the virus.

Photo credit: Spokeswoman and Information Department, Ministry of Defense


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