200 employees of meat processor Westvlees quarantined after corona infection


The Westvlees factory in Westrozebeke. – Google

The meat processing company Westvlees from Westrozebeke in West Flanders has quarantined 225 employees after some employees had become infected with Covid-19. The company confirms this to Business AM.

According to the VRT, who brought the news first, at least 18 people were infected. The exact number is unknown.

All cutting department staff are now tested for Covid-19. Most should return to work next week, according to product manager Manuel Goderis. A total of 850 people work at Westvlees.


It is not the first time that the meat industry has been faced with a corona outbreak. Earlier, 1,331 employees of a meat factory in Covent-19 were infected in Tönnies, Germany, and Tyson Foods also had a similar problem in the US.

According to experts, this is because manual labor makes it easier for virus particles to be transferred.

Source: BusinessAM


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