”20 years they shoot, 20 years we build’ ‘: Eliezer Toledano separates from Gaza Division – Israel News, Ynetnews


אליעזר טולדנו

Eliezer ToledanoPhoto: IDF Spokesman

Brigadier General Nimrod Aloni took up his new position today (Sunday) – Commander of the “Foxes of Fire” formation (Gaza Division).

The exchange ceremony was held in the Reim camp, in the presence of the commander of the Southern Command, General Herzli Halevi, commanders, fighters and family members.

Aloni replaced Brigadier General Eliezer Toledano, who has been in charge of shaping the “Foxes of Fire” for the past two years.

The commander of the Southern Command, Maj. Gen. Herzli Halevi, said at the ceremony: “Eliezer, I can say with all my heart that you did well in the defense mission, greatly improved its capabilities, worked hard and successfully to know more about what was happening and planned on the other side and greatly improved our offensive and preparedness capabilities. These are not just plans. They have been put to the test day and night over the past two years in dozens of intrusion attempts and encounters, in many dozens of very violent Fridays on the fence and in numerous days of escalation and fighting.

“Dear members of the Gaza Envelope are with us here, local leadership that is an example and role model for doing, initiating and dealing positively with difficult times – we had and we should know that there will still be and we will know how to cope and continue to grow and flourish in the Envelope.”

General Halevi added, “We do not guarantee peace in an area where there are reasons to fight, we know what is on the other side, we promise to do everything to protect in a quality manner and to always be ready for any action that may be required against the Gaza Strip.” It is our duty, together with the civilian leadership, to allow the Gaza Envelope area to continue to prosper and flourish regardless of the situation in Gaza itself. ”

Photo: IDF Spokesman

The outgoing commander of the “Foxes of Fire” formation, Brigadier General Eliezer Toledano: I would like to personally thank five wonderful leaders, my partners in the mission, the heads of the authorities, a strong group of leaders who give resilience and growth to the region and its residents – thank you for the right to be your partner, I learned from you.

“During my tenure as commander of the formation ‘Fire Foxes’, the leaders of the terrorist organizations, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, pursued a strategy of intimidation and panic, they aimed the fire at our resilience, firing rockets and mortar shells aimed at Israeli citizens. Hamas does not care about the children of the Gaza Strip. They must stop digging tunnels like the wild animals and invest the concrete in building infrastructure for the homeless. They must stop producing rockets and use pipes to build proper water and sewage infrastructure for their children. “They must stop sowing launchers and harvest rockets and sow wheat and harvest grain,” Toledano said.

The incoming commander of the Fire Foxes Division, Brigadier General Nimrod Aloni, said at the ceremony: In our mission, I grew up in these landscapes of the western Negev, on my parents’ farm in Moshav Nir Moshe, and in the dry regions of the Heles lands, I learned to plow the first furrow.

” It is a great privilege to return here and cooperate with the quality settlement that exists here, so that this charming region of land will continue to thrive. A modest ceremony has one purpose and that is to thank you, Eliezer, for your mission in the last two years. Thank you for your wholehearted devotion to the division, its people and the residents of the western Negev and to the mission.

“Thank you for leading the effort to discover Hamas’ attack tunnels with creativity, determination and cooperation. Thank you for improving the division’s readiness for battle days. Under your leadership, the division has become more lethal from round to round, “Aloni added.


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