180 million Euro mistake helps Fulham to Premier League | Football


Both teams did not score in regular playing time. Bryan scored in the 105th and 117th minute. With 1-0, goalkeeper David Raya of Brentford made a mistake. Henrik Dalsgaard couldn’t make the game with a hit in the 124th minute exciting anymore.

Brentford last played at the highest level in England in 1947. Dutch footballer Halil Dervisoglu was allowed to raid the losing team shortly after the 1-0.

In addition to sporting success, both West London clubs also had major financial interests at stake in an empty Wembley. Promotion to the Premier League is worth at least 180 million euros, thanks to the hefty TV money in the highest league of English professional football.

Leeds United and West Bromwich Albion have already promoted to the highest level. Norwich City, Watford and Bournemouth were relegated from the Premier League last season.


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