18-year-old already caught eighteen times without a license | Inland


When the man’s data was checked during the check, the officers questioned whether it was correct. He looked a lot like the photo of the man he said he was. “Yet he falls under the basket when we ask him a few more questions,” said the police.

The 18-year-old Rotterdammer was subsequently arrested. Based on his fingerprints, the man appeared to have used his older brother’s name. “Apparently because he does not have a driving license himself and this was the eighteenth time he was caught. Yes, you read that correctly, eighteen times in barely two years. This is the ninth time this year, ”said the Delfshaven police.

The fine for giving a false name is 390 euros. When he was caught two weeks ago, he also received two fines. The receipt for driving without a license will go through the prosecutor, who will most likely proceed to a hearing, police said. “All in all an expensive joke,” writes the police. The car has also been returned to the owner. He had lent his vehicle to his son, who let his mate drive it.


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