18 arrests after riots Kanaleneiland


In the Kanaleneiland district of Utrecht, eighteen people were arrested in the night from Friday to Saturday who allegedly were involved in unrest in the district. Deputy Mayor Lot van Hooijdonk announced this in a letter to the city council on Saturday. Van Hooijdonk does not rule out that more arrests will take place during the day.

A group of about 250 to 300 young people gathered in the course of the evening at a shopping center in the district on Friday and caused destruction. For example, fireworks were set off and bus shelters and public order cameras were destroyed. A car was also set on fire.

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The police had been aware of the possible unrest since Thursday. Although a “large-scale confrontation between rioters and police” failed to materialize, the night for local residents was “evidently restless and nuisance”, according to Van Hooijdonk. “If possible, perpetrators will be tracked down and prosecuted on the basis of camera images and observations.”

It was also restless in the Schilderswijk in The Hague and a neighborhood building was set on fire. The police arrested 27 people.


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