17-year-old who was previously arrested for riots in Bla …


The police arrested a 17-year-old Brussels resident on Friday evening who was previously also involved in the riots in Blankenberge. The young man challenged the police and behaved aggressively. In his arrest he injured two officers.

On Friday evening around 10.5 pm the police were in the vicinity of the Liedtsplein in Schaerbeek for a traffic check. In addition, a young man provoked the police, who proceeded to an identity check. “The man resisted and called on bystanders to help him,” says Willemien Baert of the Brussels public prosecutor’s office. The officers were able to arrest the man, but were both injured in the process. They are incapacitated for work for a few days.

Afterwards, it turned out that the young man was also arrested last Saturday for the riots in Blankenberge and then had to appear before the juvenile judge. Today he will also have to pass there because of recalcitrance, libel and assault and battery against the police.


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