11-year-old country thriller: “The corona – for free love”


Hizki Thornheim, 11, from Modi’in Elite, who suffers from a rare bone disease, in a special interview with Yair Shrek on the corona and the death of the late Rebbe of Sadigura, whose family is one of his followers. • Watch the video

Hezki Thornheim, 11, from Modi’in Illit, is a child suffering from a rare disease, and has moved an entire country in the past with words of encouragement. Strong is in the risk group due to the corona virus due to a rare disease that affects the bones. And recently a personal capsule was built for him with which he can leave the house.

Despite the illness and despite the risk, he is more optimistic than ever, and Yair Shreki tells News 12 in a special interview: “The corona is for free love.”

He asks his friends and family to be optimistic, and despite the rare illness that interferes with his lifestyle, and may even lead to his death, God forbid, he does not give up and wants to keep the guidelines.

Hezki said in an interview with the news company: “We need to listen to the doctors’ instructions precisely.” “Blessed is he who wants to give us back free love and he did it in the form of a corona. There are some thirty-year-olds who are not in the risk group and there are older ones since and the thirty-year-olds keep for the risk group and that is great respect. We do the net maintenance for each other.” Says the boy who moved the country.

At the beginning of the epidemic, the words of Hizki Thornheim were published, who said: “Dear Jews, I too am strong like all the people of Israel.

He added, “It is true that one should adhere to the instructions and guidelines of the Ministry of Health precisely it is mental supervision. I wanted to tell you two points, one should always be in a happy and uplifted mood. And from my experience I tell you it helps a lot.”

Strong ended his words with his eternal optimism “We are a people above luck and in every holy moment Blessed is he who can completely change all the predictions of the doctors, if we are all together, happy and strong we will all win the corona together and welcome Christ our righteous soon artist”.


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