Zvi Yehezkeli: “In the end we will have to launch an operation in Lebanon”


A mental attack? News 13 commentator on Arab affairs, Zvi Yehezkeli, aired this morning (Tuesday) on the program of Golan Yokfaz and Anat Davidov on 103FM, and referred to the tension on the northern border and the incident that occurred yesterday on Mount Dov. “We were on standby and waiting for this attack, but we must remember that Nasrallah can press a button whenever he wants and put us on standby, as indeed happened yesterday,” Yehezkeli explained.

Give an explanation of what happened yesterday.
“We were on a kind of standby tension. We were waiting for this attack, and you see what happened, so you say what was here? Was the attack what he did on the fence, or was it that the organization kept me on standby for a week, and said at the end ‘wait-wait’ not yet runs out?”

I mean this is the incident that was not?
“There was no incident on the fence. Nasrallah can press a button whenever he wants and put us on alert, as is happening at the moment.”

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A mental attack?
“Exactly, this is Hezbollah’s story. In the 1990s in the security zone, we had 6-5 outposts on the border, in each such outpost there was a terrorist attack, and no press conference was held. Nasrallah still manages to keep us conscious on a level of alertness.”

Did he win yesterday?
“No, there is a victory and there is a loss. It is a kind of draw against Hezbollah, and it is problematic. Nasrallah defeated us by telling us that he has a formula, ‘Everyone you kill me I will kill you’, a formula that Israel has not been able to tattoo until today – It is a victory. ”

He failed to harm the soldiers or civilians.
“He will not settle for that. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we will attack Syria, they will decide that a Hezbollah terrorist was killed, and again we will have to tell the residents and B&B owners in the north that Nasrallah wants revenge. There is a problem here, and it can be seen as Nasrallah’s victory.

On the other hand, Israel has a victory. Look at the preparation, the reading of the intelligence map. It was a 90s attack with a country living in 2020, obviously nothing will happen. But why even reach this reality, when Nasrallah is so weak? There are two sentences you can always say in Gaza and Lebanon, in the end, we will have to go out there for the operation. In the end, we will have to eradicate what is beyond the border, so one day we will have to do it. ”

Had to shoot them?
“Certainly. That’s what I was taught in the military. I don’t know if there was a discussion.”

The incident on the Lebanese border (Photo: Social Networks)

According to the report, there was a discussion and they decided not to reach a state of killing, in order not to lead to an escalation.
“If you kill then you are not causing an escalation, but that too has a price. I think, it could have been a very tactically correct decision, not to reach an escalation. On the other hand, you are causing Hezbollah to deter you, and we need to ask ourselves whether we are in battle. “.

The former head of the Armed Forces said that Israel knows where Nasrallah’s bunker is and can eliminate it.
“In terms of intelligence capabilities, I can estimate that Israel can get where Nasrallah is. The question is whether this is a tool that someone is going to open and use. Israel wants to eliminate it? I do not know if Israel can contain such an event or want to contain it. If there was an operation, like “I estimate that at the end of the day, I would do it. Nasrallah and Hezbollah are an organization of an inverted pyramid.”

So that was not the intention in this event?
“I do not know. I think Nasrallah is so distressed that the only thing left for him is a conscious deterrence, so he wanted to mark V, and I think he did.”

Hezbollah and Lebanon are in a state of economic, health, corona, political rupture, the last thing they lack is to get involved with Israel.
“True, a full closure from last Friday, the corona is raging, the economy is shattered, people are breaking into banks, so he certainly will not want to do that. He will not have the backing to hold such a long operation. The day we decide to launch an operation in the north, these are good conditions.”

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