Zenga-Mihajlovic, who laughs between friends after Bologna-Cagliari: ‘How to play chess’


Old protagonists of Serie A on the field, today opponents on the bench. The two joke on Sky microphones at the final whistle of Bologna-Cagliari 1-1. “Jump over the ball, like pretending,” explains Mihajlovic in reference to Joao Pedro’s position on the Sardinian goal. “You’re a fox, jump because he doesn’t want to take her,” replies Zenga. In the end down laughter and smiles: “Today was like playing chess”


A point to head on the field, the confirmation of a solid friendship outside. That between Walter Zenga is Sinisa Mihajlovic was the match in the match of Bologna-Cagliari, finished 1-1 for the 29th matchday of Serie A with Barrow and Simeone goals. After the hugs before the match, two of the protagonists of Serie A a few years ago gave birth to a nice curtain to Sky’s microphones in the post game. To ask for an unusual interview in pairs and in proximity is Sinisa (“We are not afraid, we swab every four days” the answer in reference to the anti-contagion rules from Covid-19) and it is Mihajlovic himself to mike Zenga. “What did I tell him off the air? That is a half-saw …”

Goal Cagliari, hit and answer Zenga-Sinisa

Sincere smiles and laughter, to ease the tension of a fun and hard-fought race. But there is a moment when the two coaches don’t agree: it happens when they look together the action that leads to the goal of the tie of Cagliari, with the position of Joao Pedro beyond the defense of Bologna to be evaluated on the shot of Nainggolan who arrives in Simeone and is pushed into the net for the 1-1. “Jump over the ball, like pretending“explains Mihajlovic.”But jump because he doesn’t want to take it“Zenga replies.” Exactly, it’s a fake, so my goalkeeper deceives “is the reply of the Bologna coach. Thesis ironically rejected by Walter:” Are you sure? However Sinisa is a friend and a fox. “A joke about Simeone shows it:” Cholito has made four goals in four games. I think it’s the best way to make a tip happy. 20 minutes from the end I also wanted to take it off to make him rest, but I was in difficulty with the changes and I kept it on the field “. Mihajlovic smiles and suggests:”But you could have removed it anyway “. In the end, even if Bologna has something to complain about (“We dominated throughout the game, too bad not having won”, Mihajlovic will say), friendship and fair play prevail. “Today was like playing chess“admits Sinisa, who jokes about:” We are friends and it is right to share the stakes. “The last joke is from Zenga:”I am happy because I have seen a great friend and I have seen him very well

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