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Montecatini Terme, 13 July 2020 – There is also the businessman Oliviero Zavagli – 71 years for years manager of the waste collection and disposal service in the city – among the arrested of the “Kalimera” anti-drug operation, conducted by the Carabinieri of the Compagnia and the Norm of Pistoia. 24 measurements were carried out: 17 pre-trial detention and seven residence obligations. Zavagli, who is currently under house arrest in his home with the obligation of the electronic bracelet and the ban on communicating with people who are not cohabiting, is being investigated for aiding and abetting. Any involvement of the entrepreneur originally from Fiorenzuola (Piacenza) in activities related to the traffic and the sale of drugs is excluded.

Zavagli he owns a property in via del Salsero in Montecatini leased to Maradon Ajazi and Andreea Popa, involved in the affair. Zavagli would have learned confidentially that the carabinieri were evaluating the possibility of entering the home for investigative reasons. The businessman, according to the accusations, then informed Ajazi with a phone call, advising him of the request for the keys and suggesting that he put the dog on guard of the house. In this way, the investigators point out, the entrepreneur would have helped the couple to evade the controls.
Oliviero Zavagli, after the passage of the waste collection and disposal activity in Alia, in recent years has created and purchased numerous restaurants in Montecatini and surroundings. In the area of ​​via Sant’Antonio, where the waste-related business was once based, a large vehicle inspection center was set up, the second largest in the province of Pistoia.

The complex operation just completed by the carabinieri allowed to dismantle a dangerous organization. The headquarters was in Montecatini, in the “Kalimera” restaurant and the range of action especially between Pistoia and Prato, but also in the provinces of Florence, Lucca, Forlì, Venice, Alessandria, Genoa, Pescara, Pavia and Modena. Eight arrests had already been made in the course of investigations involving 48 house searches, the seizure of the restaurant and two cars and above all the documentation of six thousand drug supplies (especially cocaine, but also hashish) for a turnover of about half million euros.

The drug was on its way especially from Liguria and Piedmont, channels on which investigations are still ongoing, directed by the deputy prosecutor Linda Gambassi. Not an easy investigation especially for the ability of the drug dealers to evade the interceptions: they had organized themselves with rings and encrypted sentences: “See you for a coffee” contained the quantity of the dose, the price and the method of delivery. But the prosecutors only had this certainty through stalking and eavesdropping.
Kalimera apparently it was an unsuspected place, with a good number of customers, which was greeted by irreproachable employees, as happens in many other parts. Several residents of the area do not remember problems of some kind caused by goers. Until now, the police had never had to intervene for any dispute, as has happened in other areas of Montecatini. The checks carried out by law enforcement inside had never brought to light a particular concentration of people already known to justice, such as to motivate a closure measure based on Article 100 of the Consolidated Law on Public Security Laws (Tulps ).


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